Can you remember that 16 year old girl who last year married 51 year old actor Doug Hutchison? Because apparently, she does in fact still exist.

With a new single titled Reality, she is now a singer?

She marries a man over three times her age and she can become a singer? Well I once waited outside GMTV studios for hours when I was younger to see the Osmond brothers; Wayne touched my hand. He called me “buddy”. This is my connection – does it mean I can become, I don’t know, an astronaut? No, it doesn’t. My connection does not matter. I’m not sure what point I’m trying to elude at here; I just wanted to reference an Osmond at one point during this blog.

Have you read ‘Mrs classy’s’ Twitter? If you haven’t then I very much suggest you do so; it is quite an experience. A personal favourite of mine recently being,”This Thursday morning begins to taste delicious  as I bite into a beautiful berry breakfast in a bikini underneath California’s sensuous sun!”

Here she is “addressing her haters”; I really wonder why she has them…

I hope your life is now fulfilled that she is in it. Consider her chainmail; pass her on, share her beautiful message. Or don’t.